The Lord God Blurbs

“Here is a book so full of feeling- mostly good feeling- that even an old prune like me was deeply moved. Read it and weep, and laugh… and maybe find a little hope.”

-FARLEY MOWAT-Author of “Never Cry Wolf”, “People of The Deer”,“Farfarer”, “And No Birds Sang”, “The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float”.

“Tom Gallant has written a book of grave beauty. In a hurried and stressful world this book will provide a moment of peace.”

-ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH- Best Selling Author of “The Number One Ladies Detective Agency” novels.

“It’s a sweet, uplifting parable for our times, written with unashamed affection for the old verities, and a quiet, compelling voice that sings.”

-BOB FINCH-Author of , “Common Ground”, “The Primal Place”, The Iambics of Newfoundland”, “A Cape Cod Notebook.”

“The Lord God Bird is a spare, elegant story, full of magic and hope — a fable as much as a novel, a tale of passion, loss and resurrection. In a time when humans so often behave atrociously, this little book stubbornly asserts that our hearts still know compassion and love, that we can rediscover our best selves by attending to the deepest things we feel — and that by living mindfully and modestly, we can help to heal the planet we have so badly damaged. It’s a prime antidote to despair — and a lovely read as well.”

-SILVER DONALD CAMERON-Author of “The Living Beach”, “The Education of Everett Richardson”, “Wind, Whales and Whiskey”.

“The insight and compassion that made Tom Gallant’s memoir A Hard Chance: Sailing into the Heart of Love such a compelling read find new form in his first work of prose fiction. It is a wonderful debut. The Lord God Bird flies through the imagination with a clear, unapologetic masculinity and lands with great tenderness in the human heart. This is the kind of book you read, then pass on to friends and loved ones before buying another copy to keep for yourself.”

-KENT STETSON, C. M. Governor Generals Literary Award laureate, and Member of the Order of Canada.

“Here is a rare and tender novel, as graceful and courageous as the Lord God Bird himself. Crafted with uncommon care, this story unearths both the sorrow and hope that we face as beings, the comfort we seek in companionship and the dignity that we find in solitude. Like the Big Woods, these pages contain quiet wisdom, the kind that connects us all to one another, and the world that we inhabit. It strikes a perfect chord, the kind you hear only in your heart.”

-JILL BARBER- Award Winning Singer,songwriter

“This is a wonderful piece of work by an artist who is truly just now hitting his stride, and it was already a fairly impressive gait. Tom Gallant has lived a life full of joy, adventure, and more than his fair share of trouble. Through this story about a bird thought to be extinct,and the man who found it, he is able to bring to the reader a simple, true, and perhaps essential philosophy he has learned along the way. A lesson for our times, for a people and a planet in peril, told in a manner that brings to mind Steinbeck and Hemingway at their best. I read this book in one sitting … couldn’t put it down… pick it up and see if you can.”

-LENNIE GALLANT-Multi-award winning songwriter, author of “A Day With You In Paradise”, and member of the Order of Canada.

“True to his nature as a songwriter, Tom Gallant has written a novel that sings sweetly from the page. The Lord God Bird has a lyrical, timeless quality that draws the reader into its poetic vision of man and nature.”

-LESLEY CHOYCE-Author of “The Republic of Nothing”, “Sea of Tranquility”, “Nova Scotia, Shaped By The Sea”.

“Tom Gallant’s The Lord God Bird is nothing short of a modern day masterpiece. Like savouring fine cuisine, reading Gallant’s prose is a visceral delight. Senses gently awaken, time stills, and while the story satisfies profoundly, the reader is yet left with a newfound craving even before the final page is turned.”

-AINSLIE STEWART, author of “The Entangling”.

“This simply told tale about a good man, a remote woods, and a vanishingly rare bird soars to the level of fable. In our time of extinction and human loss, it is a map for hope and renewal, grounded in decency and common sense.”

-HARRY THURSTON, author of The Atlantic Coast, A Natural History