Never idle, with wide ranging interests and enthusiasms, Tom Gallant has produced a large volume of quality work in all mediums.  This work is marked by a willingness to take chances, tempered by an understanding of what it means to communicate to an audience. The absence of public accomplishment in the eighties and early nineties is explained by Gallant’s fifty thousand miles of deep water sailing in his Nova Scotian schooner.   As well as his work as a writer, he is a singer-songwriter of national reputation in Canada, an actor/director who’s work has been well reviewed in both theatre and film.  He work is marked by one unifying principle… that love abides through all the hypocrisy, greed and foolishness, and that it is in simplicity, humility, and empathy that true greatness resides.  He also keeps close to his heart, his Uncle Walter’s saying… “Anything in life that ain’t a mystery, is sheer guesswork.”

THE CLOSET – A half hour film drama, C.B.C. 1976.
Writer, Director.

TALK SHOW –  Feature length film drama. C.B.C. 1977.
Writer, Composer.  Produced by Ross McLean, Directed by George Bloomfield.

LAST NIGHT IN TOWN – Half hour tape drama. C.B.C. 1978.
Writer, composer.  Directed by Eleanore Lindo.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN INN – Comedy, variety series.  Nashville, Calgary co-production, broadcast U.S. and Canada, 1984.
Writer of 24 episodes.

SONG OF THE ISLAND – Hour long documentary special. C.B.C. 1973.
Writer, Composer. Finalist, Best Television Program, ACTRA awards.

DOWN HOME – Half hour documentary for series “This Land”.
Writer, Composer.

YUKON PORTRAIT – Hour Long C.B.C. documentary. 1975

THE LAST HUNT – Feature Film, in development with Peace Arch Films, to be directed by Stuart Margolin.

35 YEARS IN THE LIFE –  Five hour documentary series for C.B.C.
To air Jan/Feb 2006.

THE HUNTERS – Half-hour radio drama. C.B.C. 1977.

DARLIN’ DOLLY – One hour radio drama. C.B.C. 1979.
Winner, ACTRA AWARD, Best Radio Dramatist.

ANY DAMN FOOL- A short story read on C.B.C. IDEAS
Finalist for best writer, ACTRA AWARDS.

A JAZZ LOVER- One hour radio drama. C.B.C. 1980.

Finalist, Priz D’Italia.

Writer, composer.  Many productions, including Premier at Neptune Theatre, 1982, Directed by John Neville.

Writer. Many productions. Premier at Confederation Centre, Charlottetown
Directed by Ron Irving.

Writer composer, Charlottetown Summer Festival, 1968.

Writer, composer.  Charlottetown Summer Festival, 1967.

Tom Gallant’s poetry and prose has been included in many anthologies. His magazine work includes “A Good Place for Dreamers”, nominated for a National Magazine Award when published in “This Country” and subsequently condensed in Reader’s Digest.  His recent work includes pieces for WOODENBOAT Magazine, and THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF YACHT DESIGNERS.  His book, A HARD CHANCE, Sailing Into the Heart of Love, was nominated for three Atlantic Book Awards and Winner of one.  His new novel, THE LORD GOD BIRD, will be released in hard cover in April, 2012, by the Quantuck Lane Press.  It will be distributed by Norton’s in the US and Penguin in Canada.